Arc Welding Rods

There are many types on the market all with different characteristics; the three most popular are – 6010, 6013 and 7018.

The first two numbers are the tensile strength of the weld. 


 60 means 60.000 llbs and 70 means 70,000 llbs

The third number denotes the positions the rod can be used in

1 – Any position (all 3 of the most popular)

2 – Horizontal and flat positions

3 – Only use in flat position

4 – Overhead; Horizontal; Vertical Down and Flat positions

The last two digits read together explain the type of coating

6010 – High Cellulose Sodium – this rod provides deep penetration; and is excellent     for dirty metals. Ideal for root weld; usually inside pipes.

Polarity DC+

6013 – High Titania Potassium – this rod provides mild penetration; needs cleaner metals. Ideal for welding new metals; has minimal spatter.

Polarity AC DC+

7018 – Iron Powder Low Hydrogen Potassium – this rod also provides mild penetration and needs cleaner metals – this is ideal for hard to weld metals providing a good quality weld; also has better impact properties at low temperatures.

Polarity AC DC+